Sunflowers for Fryeber Art

I’m actively preparing for 2014 to be an artistically enlightening year. I’m adopting the sunflower as a symbol of my artistic self-expression. You may have already seen me refer to it this year as an icon represented in various social media, like Instagram. As a muse, the sunflower’s aesthetically pleasing and decorative form is representative of the Fryeber motto: be receptive, go radiate.

The sunflower is infused with great meaning. It is devoted and constant, a symbol of gratitude, passion, and love. I chose it specifically because those symbolic qualities represent my artistic ideals. I see myself as an artist who is tough, thriving in challenging environments. I’m naturally rebellious, and also very dedicated to my art. I grow where I’m planted, receptive to the light of divine intention. In turn, I radiate positive energy, love, and joy through creating with fibers and textiles and sharing it with you!

In nature, the sunflower is valuable. Its stalk is fibrous, the seeds provide food and oil, and its flowerhead is a source for natural dyeing. It is a friend to the fiber artist. Its hardy, rustic and bright appearance is warm and vibrant just like the qualities of fiber and textile art.

The bold design of the sunflower is physically and emotionally strong in the eye of the beholder. My art is expressive in color, pattern, and texture imbued with the same strong visual appeal. I strive for an intensely aesthetic experience. Fiber and textile arts are invaluable. They provide both beauty and utility.

I relish the artistic journey before me like the sunflower worships the path of the sun. Both of us traveling forever toward the light…