Elaborate Texture and Pure Hue

Summertime in Minnesota means extended studio space because we can work outside while enjoying the sunshine! And what better way to use the energy of the sun than fabric dyeing!

Creating my own surface designed cloth has me inspired to begin working in a new series, “Elaborate Texture” and “Pure Hue”. I dreamed up the titles while lying in bed last night. Some of my best ideas come to me when I should be sleeping!

I absolutely love texture and color! It’s perfect for fiber arts. Cloth and fibers are the ultimate materials for exploring and experimenting in these design categories!

The Koolaid dyeing (“Pure Hue” for sure) you see going on above is vintage wool given to me by a quilting mentor. Her name is Audree Sells. She has been quilting a long time, and has made over 500 quilts! I’m enjoying my quality time spent with Audree. She is very generous with her time, materials, and knowledge. I pretend to be a sponge around her and soak up all the quilting goodness she exudes!

I can’t wait to show Audree the results of this dyed wool. We meet on Thursday to begin working on wool applique quilts. I have many ideas in mind especially since my class with Sue Spargo last Fall. Remember that sweet, wool and velvet hand-embroidered pin cushion I blogged about (last Fall)…that was the class I took. It has also inspired me to revisit needlework! Needlework and “Elaborate Texture” go hand in hand!