Wild Haircut and Highlights

I just completed a class sample for my Freeform Piecing class. It is called Wild Haircut and Highlights, named by me and my daughter, Greta. If you look closely at the fabric prints, the white one has scissors and one has wavy lines that could look like hair. The solid Kona fabric is a bold yellow which I interpreted as highlights. So clever, huh?!

Since this is a beginning class, we are going to work in black and white along with one bold color. Limiting the color palette will make it easier to start. Also, this class will be about relatively straight line freeform piecing. No curves or “wonky” cutting. If you are interested in attending, this class is being offered on August 4, at the Burlington Hotel and Quilt Shop in Alma, WI. My sample will be hanging in the shop later this week!