Special Exhibit at Minnesota Quilters Show 2013

Hold Still is my entry in a special exhibit at the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference in Duluth this June 13-15. The exhibit is hosted by Twin Cities Quilting and was designed around the techniques presented in the Rayna Gillman book, Create Your Own Free-form Quilts.

The freeform style is one of intuition. Basically, you are working from your color palette of choice (your stash), deconstructing the fabric (cut, rip, slash), and then, rebuild it into a new abstract work (improvisational piecing). The entire process requires you to work from your gut instinct. You trust your sense of aesthetics and construction skills, and then push it to the limit!

There are no patterns to follow. We had to incorporate at least three of Rayna’s techniques from the book, and fall between the finished perimeter limitations of 144″ – 320″ . My finished quilt measures 73″ W x 47″ H. There were no limitations on the types of fabric or color palette. I worked in a variety of quilting cottons and batiks.

This was a very fun and valuable challenge. I learned a lot about myself, design, and construction. I really pushed myself mentally and physically to produce this quilt. In honor of all my hard work, I dedicated the quilt in remembrance of my father, Dr. Larry W. Carrow. He passed away this past October and I miss him dearly. He was a man of integrity. And some may not know; but, very gifted artistically. His attention to detail, appreciation for quality, and passion for knowledge and excellence will be with me for the rest of my days. He was good father, and I hope I honor him with the art and design of my quilt.

Pictured above is just a sneak peek view. If you are local, I surely hope you can make the show and see my quilt in person. There is no substitute for “up close and personal” when viewing fiber art. There will be close to 30 entries in this special exhibit, which is just a small part of the bigger show. There will be hundreds of quilts to see and appreciate. And who knows, quilter to quilter, art lover to art lover, maybe I’ll just see you there!