BERNINA and WeAllSew Fabric Design Contest

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This is one very exciting week.  I have  been a busy little bee getting ready for some events this weekend…my class at The Burlington Hotel & Quilt Shop on Saturday.  I leave for Wisconsin tomorrow, but first, I make a special trip to Lake City, MN to Rather Bee Quilting for an event/class to experience the demoing of the Twister Tool for cutting pinwheel style blocks!  So my Friday, I’m going to brave the Winter roads.  I sure hope they aren’t too bad.  This has been such a disappointing Spring so far.  You know I like color, and all the snow on the ground…it’s getting really old!  (I keep thinking about the Junk Bonanza event going on in Shakopee, MN…all those shoppers..hauling their treasures to their cars…not fun for shopping!  I guess the snow is a blessing in disguise, so no sadness that I’m too busy to head over there and find me some vintage treasures.  I’ll have to wait for the Fall Junk Bonanza!)

On another note…this evening, I uploaded 10 fabric designs for a contest sponsored by BERNINA and WeAllSew!  I had to work efficiently because I didn’t hear about the contest until a couple days ago.  You may have seen the picture on my Instagram about the “personal palette”.  I pulled a bunch of colorful things I like around my house and used them as inspiration for this contest.  Between me, my iPhone camera, my Bamboo tablet, and my Computer, I designed 10 awesome, I think their awesome, I hope you do too, designs for this contest.  The contest is happening on Pinterest.

Which brings me to a very important point.  There’s not much time left.  The contest ends April 22.  And I need repins!  I’m hoping they will have my pictures loaded on their *OFFICIAL* BERNINA Pinterest board by tomorrow.  Here’s the link for the contest.  I would love it, if you have some time to spare, and take a look at my designs, and if you like them, repin them for me.  Part of the contest is public appeal!!  The tulip above is just one of my 10 designs.  They are all very colorful…I think you’ll be able to identify mine…I stayed all in the same palette.  And heck, if you like others on there as well…pin away!  I know the other designers would appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hilary!
    I am sorry, I was gone so please let me know how long you can repin for the contest. Is it still going? Love your tulip design!! 🙂 I missed the junk bonanza too! 🙂 Kris

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