Well Rounded and Well Surrounded

In the design world, savvy is being culturally aware of lifestyle trends. And, it’s surrounding yourself with creative people. I call this savviness, “Well Rounded and Well Surrounded”. It helps me with creating and defining my personal brand, my artistic identity.

I look at these five areas: Furnishings, Food, Fashion, Floral, and Furry Friends. These are things that I like and inspire me to create. My “Five Fs” are piggy backed with my “Five Es”. The five Es of my artistic process: Exploration, Expression, Experimentation, Execution, and Exposure. They all go hand in hand with defining me as an artist.

Social Media is a good way to source and share your artistic identity. If you look at my Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and now, new Facebook Page, you can catch a glimpse of my artistic wiring. The guts of my creative being.

If you haven’t seen and heard what I’m all about, I invite you to take a look at what I have shared and what is yet to come…