The best birthday gift ever!

Last weekend was my birthday. I was surprised with the most wonderful gift ever…an iPad! I have had so much fun with this techno gadget. The display is so vibrant. It’s perfect for creating art and sharing images. Even blogging is easy and portable now!

This drawing was created using Sketchbook Ink. It’s an app for quick and easy sketching with your finger (like I did) or a stylus designed for the iPad. These motifs are ideas for stitchery on fabric. They could be hand embroidered or done freeform on the sewing machine. Who knows they could also be exploration of surface design. With my latest fabric designing on Spoonflower, I have become more active in pursuing my graphic illustration style.

This coming week is a busy one with clubs and classes. Tuesday night is Modern Quilt Group. I’m bringing my Sizzix Vagabond to do some fabric die cutting because fusibles are our theme for the meeting. On Thursday, I start a monthly group at Twin Cities Quilting called Big Stitch where we will meet and do modern embroidered quilt projects. Later that day, I will be taking a quilting class with Kandinsky as our inspiration. Audree Sells, our teacher, is very knowledgeable and active in the local quilting community. I feel so honored to be a participant! I’ll share photos of my work. I can’t wait for all the fun ahead!