Vine, Spoonflower, and Embroidery

apple-vineToday is a happy day!  My Spoonflower order arrived with the fabric panels for my freeform embroidery class in April.  Tonight, I will stitch up a store sample to send to The Burlington Hotel & Quilt Shop.  If you like embroidery and the freedom of freeform stitching you will love my class.  I’ve designed two different panels.  A tulip and an apple.  I’ve even created a matching stripe pattern for each panel to be used as a border or binding for the finished quilt.  Check out my Vine video to see the colorful fabric.  I just love how my designs turned out.  Very bold, very vibrant!  The class is Saturday, April 20 from 10am-4pm.  I’ll do another blog post of my finished class samples for you to see!

p.s.   If you don’t have Vine, you may want to consider getting this app.  Here’s a link for more information.  It’s a great way to save and share memories and events.  And also for me, to share my art!